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Violations of Probation Volusia County

Probation should be taken seriously. If you are arrested on a new criminal charge while you are on probation, Florida law requires you to face the original charges. It is easy to violate probation; missing one appointment, losing your temper, or associating with the wrong people could send you to jail. Failing one drug test or violating an established curfew could change your life significantly.

At Philpott Law, we help people throughout Central Florida, including DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, Daytona Beach, and Sanford fight allegations of probation violation. If you have been charged with violation of your probation (VOP), or if you have been arrested for a new crime, we can act quickly to help. As a former prosecutor and public defender, we thoroughly understand all the issues associated with a VOP charge.

How We Help

Although each client's circumstances vary, here are some of the actions we may take on behalf of an individual charged with violating probation:

Contact your probation officer if you think that an arrest for VOP is imminent

  • File a motion for a bond hearing if our client is in jail
  • Defend the client at a probation revocation hearing and explain mitigating circumstances; for example, if the client was unable to pay restitution because of a temporary layoff
  • Advise about the best course of action; for example, never admit to the violation
  • Help the client seek drug or alcohol treatment if that is associated with the VOP

We welcome prospective clients and invite them to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation about a violation of probation.